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Jules working on one of our project's ART-13s.  

Jules in a ham shack a few years ago.  He serviced ART-13s during the Berlin Airlift.

The Amazing Steve Williams with a collection of ARC-5 gear set up for hamming.
Steve completely refurbished and integrated the Command Set ARC-5's for our project.

Maynard Wege has been a good friend of our project.  He served in the 315th/502nd.
The 315th Bomb Group pioneered modern stealth bombing.  Using special top-secret,
night-vision radar, the bellies of their ships painted flat black. They flew the longest
missions of  WWII and had no defensive armament except for the tail gun.

Lawrence and Clyde Hussey spoke about the radio project and the last B-29 mission
of WWII at the Collins Collectors Association banquet, Dayton Hamfest, May 2004.

Steve Williams, Clyde Hussey, Lawrence Robinson, & Rod Blocksome at Dayton.

Author, historian and actor, Jim B. Smith was a great friend of our B-29 radio
project. Here Jim is shown with a BC-348 receiver at Seattle's Museum of Flight.

Red Erwin, B-29 radio operator, Medal of Honor winner.

Steve Williams fabricates beautiful replica ARC-5 mount and donated some to our project.

ARC-5 receiver rack, before and after.  Steve's handiwork.
Note the Williams mount in the bottom photo.

Lee and Jim building the "fuselage" mockup.  

Lower photo is circa 1944.  Upper photo shows our setup in Steve's basement
prior to cabling, circa 2004. The equipment orientation is virtually identical to original.

SCR-274N "Command Set" with cables.

One of our project's ART-13s.

Here is the BC-348 inside of Enola Gay.

When our project is complete, ideally it should look like this. Due to the modern
avionics in "FiFi", there will be some slight differences.